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Company News

  • DenTech 2019, Shanghai

    DenTech 2019, Shanghai

    We just finish One of the top biggest dental exhibition in Shanghai, with all customer’s support, we get great success, here are some pictures: ...

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  • Important notice

    Important notice

    COXO does not authorize any company to sell our products on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Taobao, Made in China, etc. These platforms claim that COXO products are either fake or unauthorized, and we cannot Confirmation of its authenticity, can not guarantee its quality and saf ...

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  • Holiday notice for Chinese National Day

    Holiday notice for Chinese National Day

    The first of October is Chinese National Day. In China, people will celebrate the National Holiday for 7 days. We are busy for preparing customers’ orders,? we have only five days for holiday from October 1 to October 5,2019. During this time. we will be out of office. The peak sea ...

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  • Statement on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

    Statement on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

    Foshan COXO medical device co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as COXO) is a professional dental medical device manufacturer, always committed to developing innovative products, and always attaches importance to and supports the protection of intellectual property rights. In order to establish ...

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  • Chinese New Year Holiday notice

    Chinese New Year Holiday notice

    Time is flying! The new year is on the way, and the Chinese New Year is following…Kindly note, we will be in long holiday for Chinese New Year from Jan 24 to Feb 11, total 18 days. As a most important holiday, we will stop working, stay with family and share happiness.?Also,?the?Christmas shopping ...

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  • Training for salesman of COXO's dealers.

    Training for salesman of COXO’s dealers.

    COXO organized a 3 days training for salesman of our Chinese dealers, more than 70 salesman from our Chinese sales network attend this training. We introduced sales point of our products and shared our idea which how to do the market. Most of the salesman felt great for the content of the train ...

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  • COXO Open Day- Philippine dentist group

    COXO Open Day- Philippine dentist group

    Nov 15th, COXO Open Day- Philippine dentist group, more than 50 dentist from Philippine visit COXO company, they are very interested in COXO’s products and have a deep image of how COXO make products and control quality!🎉👏👍 COXO always welcome friends from all over the ...

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  • How to distinguish the original COXO products

    How to distinguish the original COXO products

    With all customer’s support, COXO brand become stronger day by day, COXO products are popular in many countries. Some illegal companies use “COXO” brand to illegally sell counterfeit products, disrupt market order and harm consumers’ interests. We strongly advice customers bu ...

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  • Mid-autumn Festival holiday

    Mid-autumn Festival holiday

    Sept 24, Monday, the 15th day of the 8th month on the Chinese lunar calendar, it is the Mid-autumn Festival. In China, the Mid-autumn Festival is a holiday for family’s reunion. In the night, peoples eat moon cakes, enjoy the full moon, enjoy happiness with their family. Kindly be noticed, To ...

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  • Holiday notice

    Holiday notice

    Dear all, How time flies! More than half a year has passed. Are you doing well this year? Kindly be notice that Chinese National Day holiday is coming, China will be in long holiday from Oct 1-7, total 7 days but for COXO, we will have 5 days holiday from Oct 1-5. It’s really a good news for e ...

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